About Sustained Enthusiasm

I know what you’re thinking. Sustained Enthusiasm? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Sustained Enthusiasm is more than just two words strung together. It’s a promise to you, and a promise to me! I promise to sustain my enthusiasm for this project.

Because let’s face it– blog writing is hard. It’s hard to come up with ideas to write about every week; it’s hard to stay focused; it’s hard to motivate yourself to write. The ghosts of abandoned blogs float across the internet graveyard, whispering faintly about work commitments and new babies.

But Sustained Enthusiasm will never die! The name says so. It has evolved over this last year, fumbling a bit as my confidence with online expression grew. And it broached many topics– beginning as news commentary, not to mention a little bit of feminism, and included wayyy too many sci-fi analyses. And then I discovered something. Sometimes I just wanted to be ridiculous. And I can do that here, too.

So here we are, 2013. Now Sustained Enthusiasm contains a little pinch of all of my favorite things: analysis, illustration, humor, popular culture, sci-fi, commentary, and books. Yeah, I know that’s a lot of things. But it’s my blog so I don’t have to choose!

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