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Sunshine and Vampires: A Book Review

27 Aug

Sunshine By Robin McKinley

I discovered Audible.com at about the same time I learned I would no longer be taking the Metro North to work, but driving instead. In fact, the two may have had a corollary relationship.

Unfortunately, listening to the news was not an option– at least, not once I sickened of NPR’s ceaseless repetition. I’m sorry guys, but I just cannot listen to the same half hour news segment on the way to and from work…for five days in a row. I mean, from how many different angles can we examine the NYC mayoral primary?

Robbed of my choose-your-story options so thoughtfully provided by the NYT iPad app, I turned to Young Adult fiction. I figured that since I spend most of my free time on my own fiction, this could be good writing research. Right? Okay, whatever. I just love the thrill of a good plot. So sue me.

Listening to an audiobook is an interesting experience, not only because I can now eat while reading without any discernible difficulty. The voice of the reader makes such a difference; for example, listening to Tamora Peirce‘s full cast audio books was more like watching a play with many different actors whereas Sunshine‘s narratorLaural Merlington, became intrinsically entwined with the protagonist, Rae.

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