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Valentine’s Day: The End of an Affair?

17 Feb

A year ago, I wrote a feminist’s defense of Valentine’s day, basically arguing that Valentine’s Day is my time to celebrate myself and my loved ones instead of an outdated practice of devoting one day to buying women through the purchase of fancy gifts and flowers.

Sometimes I wonder if living in the city and working a traditional job in marketing has made me take up residence under a rock (if you could even find one of those in New York City), because this year I’ve seen only TWO angry Valentine’s Day posts and hardly any advertisements. I distinctly remember way more of both last year.

To be honest, I remember a little more Valentine’s Day love on my end last year, too. I can’t say that I really got excited for Valentine’s Day, which is unusual. Last year I bought myself flowers, my students candy, and ingredients for cupcakes. I even decorated our apartment. This year I…. did nothing!

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