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Creating a Blog: Behind the Scenes of WordPress Theme Customizations

13 Mar

When I started my job in marketing, I had only a basic understanding of Photoshop. At this point, I feel like I can do (or figure out how to do) pretty much anything with the software.

And that’s how I feel about WordPress. Though I started out with a simple understanding of how the thing worked (Dashboard–>Posts–>Add New–>Done), I’ve come a long way. I’ve figured out tags, categories (kind of), and how to customize themes. So last night, when my friend decided she wanted to make a travel/photography blog, I figured I could help.

Basically this is how I figure stuff out.

Basically this is how I figure stuff out.

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Happy 1.1 Blogversary!

20 Feb

I started this blog on January 20th, 2012, and our one year anniversary came and went quietly, unlike the raccoons breeding on the roof of my Park Slope apartment. It is as quiet, however, as the slow drip in my kitchen from the leaky roof in said Park Slope apartment.

In January of 2012, I was in graduate school working on an endless parade of academic essays while vaguely wondering about their relevance to the real world and my relevance to the business world, which I was about to enter full time. I read Slate and Huffington Post and HelloGiggles and wanted to talk back– and I mostly did, if only to my wonderful roommate and fellow blogger, Emi.

The urge to write for more than an academic audience was strong. I had played around with an anonymous blog about my embarrassing misadventures around mid-September which had failed miserably– mostly because I couldn’t promote it on my social networks and anyway, it’s no fun writing if you can’t attach your name to the final product. I knew I wanted to write as me.

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Four Young Adult Books with Strong Female Leads

4 Feb

I’ve wanted to add book reviewing to my resume since my senior year of college, when I sent in a request for books to an editor at the SF Chronicle who visited our elective science fiction course at UCONN. Though he never responded to me and my plea for free books and a forum (preferably paid) to vent my non-expert opinions on trashy sci-fi novels went unanswered for many years, I now have the perfect platform for sharing my book knowledge: this illustrious blog. Take that, unresponsive editor.

As the one time winner of most books read over the summer in a middle school library contest, I am clearly an expert in Young Adult literature. Moreover, since I somehow failed to identify with male characters despite living in a word where the majority of main characters are male, most of my favorite books had strong lady leads. I’d like to note that by strong, I mean strongly written and complex.

Over the years, I’ve passed along my favorite childhood books to friends, read them over and over again, brought them with me to graduate school, and used them as foil for the terrible female-scrubbed YA books out there. But the time has come to share my knowledge with the rest of the world.

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